Complaints about complainers

Some things are common knowledge here at Miami. There is a crocodile in the lake on campus. The towers are mostly inhabited by freshmen. Football is the most popular sport. And, no matter what time in the semester it is, complaints abound.

Students at this school love to complain. We complain about our football team, our classes, traffic in Miami, parking, student government, The Miami Hurricane, living conditions, living expenses, the food, the weather, what we can and can’t do – the list goes on.

Sometimes it seems as if we complain for the sake of complaining, even if there is legitimately nothing to be unhappy about. We say how bad we have it here and how good everyone else has it at other schools. But, aren’t we missing the point?

We live and take classes in a palm-lined tropical paradise. We have sunshine, a comfortable climate and the beach at our disposal all year round. We have a city with a world-class nightlife close by – even as close as a five-minute ride away. Students at other schools would love to be in our situation. Don’t believe me? Well, think about how many college students came down to Florida in the past couple months for spring break.

We’re living so many people’s fantasies. Instead of running off to some college town, we’re living and breathing South Florida, 24-7. Yet, all we seem to want to do is look for what’s wrong instead of smelling the roses a bit. Sure, Miami is not exactly perfect, but it’s closer to nirvana than many of us make it seem.

So, as this school year is winding down, I leave a new year’s resolution for everyone. Appreciate what you have and don’t complain unless it’s absolutely necessary. Otherwise, after graduation we all will regret that we didn’t appreciate what we had here when we had it.

– Dylan Brooks