Readers respond to ‘Gym is only welcoming to muscleheads’

Misinformed opinion illustrated author’s inexperience

The opinion that [Dan] voiced in The Miami Hurricane was one that was clearly uninformed and biased. Criticizing men for wearing sleeveless T-shirts in Miami hardly seems justified. You called yourself someone who likes to “casually workout” and proceeded to accuse all the people who make progress in the gym as steroid users who are only concerned with looking good. A “casual” visitor of the gym would never understand the amount of work and time it takes to make significant progress in a gym, and yet they are quick to say that anyone that has made progress is using drugs.

You compared the gym to Olympic training grounds. This can only be in reference to the amount of work that people put in at our Wellness Center. To call their efforts “Olympic” should be a compliment and not an insult. Perhaps if more “casual” visitors learned from this work ethic, they would no longer feel embarrassed in the presence of “manly men.” You went on to state that students take supplements like Muscle Milk and HGH with no intentions of staying fit. Muscle Milk is hardly more than a protein shake while HGH is a hormone with serious effects on the human body. This comparison is another indicator of your misinformed views when it comes to the gym. I assure you that lifting weights and drinking protein shakes will only increase fitness, a concept that you seem to have an incredibly warped understanding of.

Sleeveless T-shirts and tanks are the most comfortable and functional clothes for a heavy workout session. But then, a “casual” visitor like yourself may never have experienced what an intense workout session feels like. I see many “normal” guys in the gym on a regular basis, striving to improve. It appears that they feel welcomed and have no problems with the atmosphere in the gym. There is enough misinformation out there when it comes to workout regimens and nutrition, please do not add to it with your shockingly uneducated assumptions about gym visitors. It would be best if you did not perpetuate false stereotypes about real fitness enthusiasts by accusing everyone of using steroids without even knowing the difference between a nutritional supplement and growth hormones.

– Aniruddha Krishna

A word of advice: Just go to the gym and work out

After reading Dan Buyanovsky’s piece about the “muscleheads” at the gym, one thought came to mind: Shut up and lift!

After all, isn’t that what you went to the Wellness Center to do? By the sound of this article, you spend more time checking out other guys than doing any exercise. My advice to you is that you don’t go to the gym and try to compare yourself to others because that’s not your purpose of going to the gym in the first place.

So just ignore those who feel they have to steal their five-year-old sister’s shirt to lift and do what you gotta do.

– Jonathon Aledda