Points of interest at Mark Light Field

What to eat at the games: The Hurricane staff waxes poetic on their favorites

Hot dogs get all the air time when it comes to baseball foods, but you won’t regret getting yourself a Mark Light cheeseburger. The good ol’ burger lets you enjoy a much more diverse flavor, and you can pile it high with onions, tomatoes and (if you’re brave enough) sauerkraut, normally reserved for wieners. Sure, going to the park and getting a “Red Hot” may be part of Americana, but don’t sleep on the delicious Mark Light cheeseburger.

– Matthew Bunch

The chicken fingers combo is a popular item at The Light and one of my favorite foods at the concessions stands. The portion size and quality of the food is much better in comparison to other ballparks. The chicken actually tastes good and the fries are out of this world. It may be what a little kid would eat, but I still enjoy it anyway.

– Alex Kushel

“Rag arm” is what die-hard UM fans chant at opposing pitchers to coax a Hurricanes free pass, but it’s also the best milkshake offered at the food stands. Hot fudge, strawberry toppings and a chocolate and vanilla swirl of ice cream blended together in a large styrofoam cup makes for a refreshing treat during any inning. And it’s easily worth the $4.50 price.

– Corey Erb