Perceptions of oppression challenged in tunnel

The UC was an uncomfortable place to be Monday through Wednesday. The ballrooms were transformed into a dark maze covered in images of violence and suffering

Deemed a “sensory-based experimental learning opportunity,” through the utilization of multimedia and interactive tours, the UC Ballrooms were transformed into a “Tunnel of Oppression” Monday through Wednesday.

As indicated in a disclaimer distributed to students awaiting the commencement of their tours, the Tunnel of Oppression, a nationally recognized program that takes place at more than 70 campuses across the country, was designed to challenge student’s perceptions and beliefs on issues dealing with oppression and hatred. This was the first time it has been set up at the University of Miami.

The Tunnel consisted of nine rooms focusing on international human rights, classism, religion, racism, children’s issues, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues and sexual assault/body image issues. Amnesty International, Invisible Children, SpectrUM and No Zebras were some of the student organizations involved in the creation of the rooms.

“Too often,