Is there a good slice?

I have just about completed my freshman year here at UM and I have nothing but positive remarks for the weather, people, athletics and, of course, the academics. And yes, I admit it; I am one of the few who thoroughly enjoys what Chartwells has to offer. Every week I use approximately 12-14 meals of my 14-meal plan. I do have one complaint though: Is there any good pizza in the 305 area?

My first option is the dining hall pizza, if you even want to call it pizza. The cheese is barely melted and the crust is usually nonexistent. I think I will pass. Frozen pizza from the vending machines in the dorms gives me the shivers, so I stroll over the UC and find Sbarro. An Italian restaurant that is a chain is usually not a good sign. Plus, paying more than $3 for a slice of pizza that barely has any tomato sauce on it is almost as ridiculous as Coach Frank Haith not winning the coach of the year in the ACC.

Since nothing on campus can satisfy me, I have to venture off campus and come across Miami’s Best Pizza. If that is Miami’s BEST pizza, I would like to know what Miami’s worst is. Gables Riviera right next door is too doughy. Casola’s is decent but it is far away and delivery takes over an hour. By the time it gets delivered to your dorm room it is all soggy and greasy. Domino’s is always an option, but again the previously mentioned pizza chain idea does not appeal to me. Plus, for some reason, whenever I order the 5-5-5 deal the bill always seems to be $23 after tax and tip. Go figure.

Call me critical or call me a New Yorker. I love the University of Miami and the shops and restaurants that Coral Gables has to offer, but I am a New Yorker in dire need of a good slice of pizza. A “pie,” as we New Yorkers like to call it. I am looking for that hole-in-the-wall pizza parlor where it seems like the dirtier the oven, the better the pizza.

Justin Antweil is a freshman majoring in print journalism and economics. If you know of any good pizza restaurants, he may be contacted at