Football busing plan concerns students

On the day of a Canes football game, students may be lathering on body paint, pre-gaming and planning to tailgate, but few want to worry about transportation.

Instead of catching the Metrorail, students will ride chartered American Coach buses that will leave Stanford Circle about three hours before home games. The buses will be monitored by either staff or students – the university still has not decided.

In order to ride the shuttles, students will be required to obtain stickers from the University Center’s first floor desk to place on their Cane Card before each game. These stickers will be distributed 10 days before a game, but distribution will stop two days prior, which means students cannot wait until the day before to pick up stickers.

The Division of Student Affairs released a survey to determine the number of students who would use the transportation.

Vice President for Student Affairs Patricia A. Whitely said the university plans to have about 20 buses for low attendance games and at least 50 buses for more popular games.

The number of buses will not be capped, Whitely said, so there can be more for popular games, such as against FSU. The buses will stay in the BankUnited Center parking lot the night before to limit delays on game day.

“This is a challenge, and you also have to remember that the freshmen are not going to have cars,” Whitely said. “Because of that, we’re going have to have more infrastructure to make sure this is smooth and make sure that it works.”

Despite the university’s plan, some students are worried. Elaine Fenna, a junior, has reservations about the new primary mode of transportation to the games.

“There is the potential for the situation to become as chaotic as if the students had rushed the field on the last game in the Orange Bowl,” she said. “Everyone will complain about it for a few weeks until they realize that it is just a situation everyone will have to deal with.”

Still, Daniel Poterek, a law student, trusts the university’s capacity to run the operations smoothly.

“Sure, the ride to the stadium will be longer, but that gives you more time to bond with fellow students and energize that Hurricane spirit,” he said.

Though plans are incomplete, the university does plan on updating the student body over the summer and during orientation about the new changes.

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