Three productions to premiere this spring

Quantum Entertainment is giving entertainment a new name. In its five years as a subcommittee of Hurricane Productions, the student group has offered a variety of extracurricular theater and film opportunities for students.

With five large-scale productions already under its belt, Quantum’s film department will be adding three films to its résumé this year. These films, as well as several shorter works, will be premiering at Quantum’s second annual film festival tonight at 9 p.m. at the Cosford Cinema.

The festival is packed with an exciting lineup, starting with Tell Me Something, a comedic thriller about a girl who comes to suspect that her new boyfriend may actually be a killer. Next will be Pros and Cons: A Caper Chronicle, a comic action film about two friends who get caught up in a late night game of cat and mouse. Both films were produced last fall, and some behind-the-scenes footage will be shown at the festival.

The third and largest film, Line, was produced this spring, taking nine days and $6,000 to shoot. Featuring an ensemble cast of mostly Univeristy of Miami students, Line is more of a serious comedy about one man waiting in one room with 23 other characters, which writer and co-director Stephen Interrante says is a metaphor for life.

“As the narrator travels deeper into the line and closer to the end, he comes to discover the nature of his own existence,” Interrante said. “He’s questioning why we’re always waiting around and not being more active.”

Earlier this semester, Quantum introduced its Film Society, a new outlet for student productions. This new branch hopes to bridge gaps between different schools and departments, creating a forum in which film students can collaborate with theater and music students.

“What really excites me about all this is finding people at UM who want to make movies as badly as I do,” said Austin Lazek, co-director of Line. “Sure it’s not for a grade and it often takes away from other things, but passion holds no bounds.”

In its inaugural semester, the Film Society has funded and produced a number of projects, several of which will show at the festival, including Golden Girl, Very Silly Hostage Situation and Red Harvest.

But it’s not just a night for the film kids. Students from a variety of majors have been involved in the productions, and all are welcome to come celebrate their hard work – red carpet style. Complete with cake and other goodies, it should be a night to remember.

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