Open yourself to role reversal

    DISCLAIMER: The following column concerns material of an explicit sexual nature. If you are not comfortable with this subject matter, The Hurricane advises that you not read any further.

    Dear Hurriqueen,

    I’ve always known my girlfriend is bisexual, but now she’s taken it to a whole new level. We were in the middle of doing it when I asked if I could go in through the back door. The thing is, we always do anal sex. But this time, she said she would only let me do it with one condition: if she could use a strap-on on me. I didn’t know what to say. I’ve always been a fairly experimental person, but a man has his limits. What should mine be? Should I let my girl have her way with me? If so, how would it feel down there?

    ~ Pressured to be Penetrated

    Dear Pressured to be Penetrated,

    Damn boy! Your girlfriend’s got some balls – well, plastic ones. But nonetheless, she seems like the type of lady who likes to plow past a guy’s limits, loosen him up a bit, and really show him what it feels like for a girl. I like her.

    Before we discuss the implications of agreeing to her request, let’s first discuss the fun stuff. I’m talking about the positives of you saddling up and riding your girlfriend’s pony. Not only would the level of equality in your relationship reach new heights, but so would your sexual pleasure. While penetrating the anus, mouth and vagina is clearly enjoyable for a man, being the one who is penetrated can be even better. You see, an erect penis (or in your case a strap-on!) can massage your prostate gland during intercourse, thus giving you the most mind-blowing orgasm ever that will have you shooting across the room. Trust me!

    But is the best orgasm of your life worth an identity crisis, feeling dirty and ashamed, or worse yet, harming your relationship? I don’t know, but there’s a good way to figure out how you’d react to the experience: First, find a time when you have the utmost of privacy and time on your hands. Next, watch your favorite porn or read your favorite erotic literature to get yourself excited. Once you’re excited, whip out the KY jelly and use your fingers to experiment.

    Post-orgasm, ask yourself these questions: How would I feel if my girlfriend was here right now? Would I feel comfortable seeing her wearing a strap-on after I’ve had an orgasm, knowing that she just penetrated me and saw me submit to her? And that is likely your best answer. But please remember, this must be your choice and yours alone. Never allow anyone, even your girlfriend, to pressure you into something you don’t want to do.

    The Hurriqueen.

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