Events Beat

Students share experiences with assault at event

More than 50 students donning teal Sexual Assault Awareness Month T-shirts attended No Zebras: Canes Against Sexual Assault’s “Take Back the Night” Wednesday night at the UC Rock.

“All human beings have the right to be free from violence, the right to be heard and the right to reclaim those rights if they are violated,” said a No Zebras member of the intention of the event, which featured a candlelight vigil, an open mic and speaker presentations by creative writing teacher Evelina Galang and scholar Anabel Park.

Galang and Park spoke of their experience working with “comfort women,” a term used to refer to Asian women abducted at ages as young as 12 or 13 to serve as sex slaves for the soldiers during World War II and whom Galang and Park have helped attain a formal apology and compensation for their difficulties. Many students candidly shared their personal experiences with assault during the open mic, some offering warning, others advice. “It can happen to every single one of us and it needs to stop,” one female student said.

– Stephanie Genuardi

Sushi 101 offered at the UC Rock

The Asian American Student Association along with the Filipino Student Association gave students a lesson in Sushi 101 Monday afternoon at the UC Rock. About 50 students attended to learn the art of sushi-rolling from sushi chefs Nyo Nyo Than and Soe Thein. Students enjoyed their hard work by consuming the California rolls made of crab, cucumber and avocado.

– Analisa Harangozo

Honor students encouaged at Lowe

Honors students and other scholarship seekers dressed in their best business attire Tuesday night attended a reception at the Lowe Art Museum. Elegant arrangements of refreshments and appetizers were offered, followed by speeches by some of the most prestigious University of Miami fellowship and scholarship winners of the past. Students were given information on available scholarships and were encouraged to apply and get more involved in the University of Miami community.

– Nina Ruggiero

Fraternity presents late night delights

Hungry night owls passing the UC Rock were in luck Wednesday night as Alpha Phi Alpha celebrated the eve of its founder’s day with make-your-own ice cream sundaes. “Midnight Delights” was one of many events held by the fraternity during the MTV-themed Alpha Week.

– Nina Ruggiero

Buddhist master visits campus

After numerous attempts to get the microphone working, students learned the true meaning of patience during a lecture by Venerable Geshe Sopa, a spiritual master of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, Thursday night in the Learning Center. Every seat in the room was filled while students spoke to Sopa about rebirth and reincarnation, the differences between illusion and truth, and how to overcome anger.

– Analisa Harangozo

Political groups stress youth vote

More than three million young Americans voted on Super Tuesday at Tuesday’s night Youth Voting Panel in the Storer Auditorium. The votes were affirmed by Abby Kiesa of Circle, a nonpartisan research center that studies the political behavior of youths. Kiesa, along with Ethan Eilon, executive director of College Republicans National Committee, and Tamia Booker, executive director of College Democrats of America, spoke to about 40 students at the event sponsored by Council for Democracy and Get Out the Vote.

Rosanna Herrera of Campus Progress, an organization that helps youths start up issue campaigns on campuses and organize events, posed questions to the panelists regarding the level of youth participation thus far in the primaries. Booker stated that at Penn State they registered 5,000 Democrats this past week. Kiesa asserted that in some states, youth turnout has tripled or quadrupled.

– Stephanie Genuardi