Beware of bikers

No one is safe. Bikers fear cars. Pedestrians fear both. So what should be done to keep everyone safe?

One solution would be to install bike lanes across campus in order to prevent collisions, such as in front of the Rat and in the breezeway. After the bike lanes open, there should be HOV-like lanes called HOBS for “High-Occupancy Bicycles.”

These special lanes would also be for students with mopeds and that one kid with a Segway, in addition to ones UMPD officers ride.

Another way to tackle sidewalk traffic could be to have a flyover on Lake Osceola for efficient travel and E.T. wannabes who want to glide past the moon.

In order to use this inter-campus highway system, bike riders would need to licensed by the university. Riders would only be allowed if they have a license, registration sticker on their bike and have taken a safe biking course.

That course would teach the following:

Pedestrians have the right of way; being on a bike is just like being in a motor vehicle, meaning riders must yield to pedestrians.

That being said, to pedestrians: Don’t be a doofus and walk in the middle of the sidewalk during rush hour.

As an additional rule, bikes should also be equipped with brake lights and turn signals, although no one would use the latter because this is Miami.

For offenders who illegally park their bikes, ditch the annoying tags and police should simply put a boot on the front wheel.

The sidewalks may never be completely safe. But only when we start treating them like streets, can our campus find order and harmony.

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