Step up to the romantic standards you set for boyfriend


    I have been dating this guy for two years come Friday. He started out romantic but began to slacken up the past few months. In November, I told him to step up and return to his old ways. Recently, he told me that he bought tickets for us to see an opera (I love operas!) at 6 p.m. on Friday for our two-year anniversary. This is great because I miss this side of him; however, I was planning on attending the Canes Carnival that night and then celebrating our anniversary later. This carnival only comes once a year and I’m not really in an opera “mood” now. What should I do?

    -Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place

    Dear Stuck,

    As you are well aware, the need for romance doesn’t just disappear after a couple years of dating. It’s definitely something that if you need it, you need it. I mean, a girl needs to be treated like the princess she is!

    You were right in kindly reminding your boyfriend of this need, as I am sure he is just as happy to partake in the fun of romance as you are! Just remember that romance isn’t about getting everything your way; he’s in this relationship too.

    The fact that he remembered your love of opera and had the foresight to buy the tickets in anticipation of your anniversary shows something. Don’t shoot down his attempts to romance because you could come off as selfish and send mixed messages. (You did have a specific talk with him about “stepping it up”). And you don’t want to go there.

    After all, you love the opera and you care about your boyfriend and your anniversary! What’s not to enjoy about these plans? Sure, the Canes Carnival only comes once a year, but do you really want to hurt your boyfriend over it? If you feel really strongly about it, tell you boyfriend ASAP. Maybe there is some kind of compromise you can strike – opera first, Canes Carnival after?

    Best of luck!


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