Recognition comes with restrictions

Though the whole month of April is student-employee appreciation month, our university chooses to confine the “festivities” to just this week of April. As a result, one would think that this would be a week jam-packed with special perks and events for our enjoyment.

Think again.

As student employees, we know all too well the difficulty of being perfect in the classroom and the workplace. It’s not an easy task, but we’ve stepped up to the plate. Why? Well in hopes of getting free food and goodies this week, of course!

Unfortunately, the good intentions of this week don’t reach their full potential because of their inconvenient methods of distribution. For those who were worthy of the appreciative measures (we, for one, were apparently not), few were able to take advantage of them.

For instance, Wellness Center employees were given gratis five-minute backrubs and smoothies. but only at certain, obscure hours and with various bureaucratic restrictions.

Other student employees were offered breakfast in the form of muffins from Chartwells – muffins that they could have shoved in their bags on their way to class.

Even worse is the free pizza being offered to students on. Friday night. Rest assured that no student employee who works and studies all week is going to spend their night grazing on free pies instead of drinking away their stresses and sorrows.

The sponsor of this month – The National Student Employment Association – should know better than anyone how hard student employees work and how pressed they are for time.

If they really wanted to extend their appreciation to student employees, they should work harder to accommodate us so that we don’t have to be inconvenienced in order to be recognized for all that we do.

This represents the majority opinion of
The Miami Hurricane editorial board.