Upcoming shows include Girl Talk, Virginia Coalition

Hurricane Productions has brought an onslaught of talent to campus in the past weeks and will continue to build upon those performances in the upcoming weeks.

Tonight, Virginia Coalition will be performing at the Rat at 6:30 p.m. for all those Happy Hour attendees.

“Known for their off the wall ruckus shows, sweet melodies and loyal fans, Virginia Coalition will surely liven up UM students’ favorite weekly holiday,” says the Facebook group for the event.

Then on April 24, HP will host their final concert of the spring, Girl Talk at the Rat. Girl Talk is a renowned DJ and mashup artist, and after performing at Studio A downtown in February for over 800 people, he’s back in Miami “to quench the thirst of those who didn’t make it the first time and of those who did and want more,” according to the Facebook group for the event.

Dan Buyanovsky may be contacted at d.buyanovsky@umiami.edu.