SLIDESHOW: Recycling at UM, where are we?

Having a recycling bin next to every trash can has been an ongoing goal for every green organization on campus. Now, a new committee has been created to focus on just that goal.

The members of the Committee of Recycling are trying to expand recycling in the University Village and fraternity houses, along with promoting bottled water awareness and educating freshmen about Green U.

Freshman Melissa Meade, an organizer of a monthly Green U roundtable meeting, said student’s mindsets need to change to make the university more sustainable.

“We want to make sure students are reaping the benefits and actually visually seeing what the university is doing to become more sustainable,” Meade said.

She also noted that the committee will be working with Ken Capezzuto, the director of Environmental Health and Safety and UNICCO, the company that handles the university’s janitorial services.

Capezzuto said the university’s recycling program needs improvement.

“By adding more containers throughout campus in more visible areas and transforming trash containers into recycling bins, it will increase the frequency of student recycling,” he said.

Sophomore Damara Hawley agrees, adding, “If I saw a recycling bin I’d definitely choose to throw my bottle in there rather than the garbage can.”

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The locations of recycling bins on campus

-The School of Law Quadrangle, Allen Hall Memorial Classroom Building, Cox Science Center, and the University Center Patio

-All floors of the residential colleges have recycling containers to recycle plastic, aluminum, and glass.
Pick-ups are done weekly.