International Week starts with 7th annual pageant

International Week, the University of Miami’s yearly event to celebrate cultural diversity, will begin April 3.

The week-long event, organized by the Council of International Students and Organizations, will open with the seventh annual Mr. and Ms. International Pageant at 8:30 p.m. this Thursday in the Storm Surge Café.

This event is coordinated by sophomore Keisha L. Baisden, last year’s Ms. International. The theme is “The Seven Wonders of the World.”

-Elizabeth Kynast

UM Police opens Hostile Intruder Preparedness site to aid students

The UM Police Department, in conjunction with the Information Technology Department, has launched a Hostile Intruder Preparedness Web site.

This site is planned to provide the university community with self-defense tactics in the event of a dangerous situation and offers guides, lists of security measures and training programs. Some programs include “Shots Fired: When Lightning Strikes,” a 20-minute comprehensive training video.

The video is not yet permanently installed on the Web site; it is available until May 31, when UMPD will look over community feedback to determine whether a full-scale contract to keep the program should be signed with the Center for Personal Protection and Safety.

Along with the UM, Tufts and Lehigh are among the few colleges that offer a Hostile Intruder Preparedness Web site.

– Chelsea Kate Isaacs


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A brief about the law school has been removed due to inaccuracies in the Miami Today story it cited as a source.