Events Beat

Students serve lunch to UNICCO workers

Five student helpers served approximately 15 UNICCO workers black beans and rice, pork with onions, and yucca from a local Cuban restaurant Friday afternoon as part of Hecht College Council’s “UNICCO Appreciation Lunch.” Employees chatted and enjoyed their food on the couches of Hecht’s lobby and at the tables of Hecht’s patio. “Muchas gracias,” said one employee to his servers as he departed, to which they replied, “No, thank you.”

– Stephanie Genuardi

Karate Club wins five medals at championship

Powerful punches and swift kicks flew during katas and sparring at the Wellness Center Saturday morning. The UM Karate Club hosted the annual South Atlantic Karate Championship Open Tournament, which had over six different styles of karate demonstrated by around 40 participants from all over Florida, including some from North Carolina. The UM Karate Club walked away with five medals.

– Analisa Harangozo

Iraq War talk features veteran from university

The Iraq Committee of UM Young Democrats presented an “Iraq War Teach-In” Wednesday night in the Learning Center as part of Iraq Awareness Week. The event featured four speakers: Jessica Carrillo, a current UM student who was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan; Iraq War Veteran Mark Read; UM sociology professor and Miami for Peace activist Linda Belgrave; and Abdy Javadzadeh, a Florida International University sociology professor.

Carrillo, who has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, recalled incidences of suicide bombings and land mine explosions with teary eyes and a trembling voice. Belgrave highlighted the economic implications of the war. She also said that three million Iraqis have been killed – a number that has been disputed – and there have been more than 4,000 U.S. casualties.

The speakers’ presentations were followed by a question and answer session with the 40-member audience.

– Stephanie Genuardi

Sororities prep women for Greek life, fall rush

The University of Miami’s 13 national and international sororities set up information booths in the Wellness Center Tuesday to educate female students about joining Greek life next semester. Women in attendance learned about their options and what to expect from rush. This coming fall’s new rush will be informal and for upperclassmen only.

– Nina Ruggiero