Vegetarian food is for everyone

In response to the op-ed piece “Where’s the beef?” (3/20/08), it was interesting to read about Mr. Held’s search for animal products in campus dining halls, though I was confused as to why he would see vegetarian dishes as only for vegetarians. Certainly most of the foods that we eat (pasta dishes, black bean burgers, etc.) are naturally vegetarian and are widely consumed for both their health and environmental benefits. Many dishes, such as vegetarian BBQ “riblets” and vegan pizza, are actually designed for the purpose of appealing to diners of every background, including meat-eaters. Whether someone is an athlete, looking for a low-cholesterol and low-fat vegetarian dish or a student who is concerned about the meat industry’s impact on global warming, there are as many reasons to enjoy vegetarian dishes as there are vegetarians. Certainly the most common, though, is in response to the horrific abuse animals face when killed for food. If anyone has not yet stopped to try one of the tasty meat-free dishes at Terre Ve, Origins or any number of other locations on campus, I would highly recommend giving them a whirl. You just might be pleasantly surprised.

Ryan Huling
College Campaign Coordinator,