Hit me with your best shot? [adult content]

    DISCLAIMER: The following column concerns material of an explicit sexual nature. If you are not comfortable with this subject matter, The Hurricane advises that you not read any further.

    Dear V,

    I have been hooking up with this guy and recently he has been talking about [ejaculating] on my face, or, as he calls it, “the money shot.” Is there some sort of pleasure for the man? I feel as if it’s disrespectful, but at the same time, I want to please him and try new things. What do you think?

    -Money Shot

    Don’t you love when your guy watches porn and then feels the need to star in his own X-rated film with you? Oh, how sweet. And usually you’re all for it, but this time you’re just a little bit hesitant. Don’t worry. It’s OK to have some reservations. If you eventually decide to do it, maybe you’ll find that you really like it, too. If not, that’s totally OK too, and he should respect you for that decision.

    Voy-eur (voi-y