(MIS)DIAGNOSIS: Health Center

So you’re pregnant.or at least the Health Center says you are. They also said you had mono. And HIV. Tough week.

OK, so the Student Health Center may not always give people great advice or the right diagnosis, but it is there for you Monday through Friday – condom bowls and all. The doctors see people during lunch hours, take appointments and prescribe medications that are conveniently available in the pharmacy upstairs.

Plus, most people do not have to wait at the Health Center for more than an hour, which is pretty standard wait time for a doctor’s office.

Still, there are some flaws that need to be addressed. First, regardless of the fact that the weekend should be sunshine and beaches for Miami students, people do get sick on Saturdays and Sundays. Maybe the Health Center should add weekend hours in order to diminish the traffic on Mondays, which Health Center representatives said was the most crowded day.

As for reported problems, there are two sides. First, some times the Health Center does mess up. But, guess what? So do physicians everywhere. It’s not realistic to think that there will never be mistakes, but it’s not wrong to want perfection – as the health staff surely does, as well.

On the other hand, the problem may occur because students are not active in the process. Ask the doctor questions. Speak up about allergies and relevant medical history.

While there may be problems, a Health Center that is imperfect – as all are – is better than no Health Center at all.

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