Gross’ “Committed to U” ticket sweeps SG elections


Brandon Gross’ “Committed to U” ticket triumphed in the Student Government elections, sweeping all three executive positions.

Gross won 912 votes, defeating Jeremy Crystal (“All About U”), who garnered 734.

Claudia Medina and Shajena Erazo, the “Committed to U” vice president and treasurer, respectively, also won their spots by more than 100 votes.

The announcement of the run-off victory — in which more than 1,500 students voted — came almost a day after a the Elections Commission announced the results would be withheld pending judicial review by the SG Supreme Court.

Both “All About U” and “Committed to U” remained in the race after the review, with Gross’ campaign being penalized 15 points. It takes 20 points for a campaign to be disqualified.

The ruling came after Crystal’s campaign filed a possible violation, presenting a photo of Sebastian the Ibis wearing a green “Committed to U” T-shirt in a no-campaign zone near the UC Rock.

But it didn’t matter Thursday, as the campaign celebrated on the UC Patio, with Cuban music playing in the background.

“It’s great to be a Miami Hurricane,” the team chanted repeatedly, in victory.

However, Robert Goldring, a supporter of “All About U” and a junior, responded differently do the announcement citing Gross for unfair election tactics

“Sebastian the Ibis will get you 200 votes,” he said in response to the results. Adding “if using Sebastian will only get you 15 points what’s to stop someone from using Sebastian in the next election if you do not get kicked out of the election for using him?”

Gross’s first plans as student body president are to meet and assemble an executive board and then assign people jobs to start fulfilling his campaign promises.

These promises include extending shuttles on Fridays to go to Monty’s and Coco Walk. He also wants to bring ESPN U into the dorms.

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