Greetings from Cancun

Dear Hurricane readers,

We hope you are having a fantastic time on campus during these last few days before spring break starts. How’s the weather there, by the way? We are pleased to tell you that here, in Cancun, it’s 80 degrees and sunny.

HAHAHA, I bet you’re asking, “What do you mean, in Cancun?!”

That’s right, guys, your beloved Miami Hurricane Editorial Board is in Cancun, as you read this, but it’s only because we had some very important prior obligations to attend to – like the All Star Wet T-Shirt Contest and um, happy hour at 10 a.m. Plus, we got a darn good deal on a beautiful oceanfront suite, hot tub included, of course.

Shockingly, we ran out of toilet paper and left all our notebooks, laptops or anything remotely “academic” at home. But, we did find some crumpled up class notes from last week which we used to write this very heartfelt letter to you all.

And because we miss you so much, we sent it, priority mail, to whoever the heck edited this issue of the newspaper.

So, uh, yeah, we kind of missed out on midterms and all that jazz, but come on, it’s spring break, baby.

Well, we’re about to hit the buffet and then check out this toga party tonight, so we have to go now.

Have a great spring break! And remember, use us an example and be responsible!

Yours truly,

The Miami Hurricane Editorial Board