Those who criticize the newspaper should get involved

Enough is enough. I can’t stand opening The Hurricane every week to see yet another student complaining about coverage in the paper. Here is what seems to be a little known fact: The Hurricane is run by students and the paper’s coverage is determined by students. If you aren’t happy with what you see in the paper each week, there is a solution to help them expand their coverage: join The Hurricane’s staff. Any student, can work for the paper.

As editor of the Ibis yearbook, I see the same problems. Students on this campus are quick to complain about how a publication covers an event or an organization. If you want to see change in the content of student media on campus, go to their offices and ask for an application. We want you to work on our staffs and we want you to help us accurately cover the campus. But that is hard to do when the only people coming forward to work on a publication are all journalism students.

As a direct response to Rachael Goldberg’s letter, it is not the responsibility of the student newspaper to report what the student body wants from Student Government. SG should maintain relationships with all students (not just those that are involved) on their own to find out what they want. This year’s president, Danny Carvajal, started a Student Government blog ( to use as an outlet to inform students of what Student Government is doing. This media outlet should be explored and promoted as a way to reach out to the student body.

– Sarah Baird
Senior, Ibis editor in chief