EDITORIAL: Students: Why Didn’t U Vote?

Twenty-one percent of students voted in this year’s Student Government elections – the most the university has seen in a while. Not only that, but this election proved that every ballot counts, based on the one vote difference between Jeremy Crystal (“All About U”) and Brandon Gross (“Committed to U”).

Still, there’s something missing. It wasn’t the candidate’s passion – Jeremy went to multiple lecture classes to spread his message, Brandon’s ticket had a dog mascot walking around campus in a “Committed to U” T-shirt and Dan Lazaro (“Make it Happen for U”) made a video about his top campaign goals.

It was the students’ passion that was lacking substance. Fewer than 50 people showed up to the vice presidential and presidential debates. About 79 percent of the university could not take the time – which was less than five minutes, mind you – to walk past the UC Breezeway and cast a vote. And pretty much only ticket cabinet members and SG senators cared enough about the winners to show up to the results announcement last Thursday.

Although UM is not Louisiana State or the University of Florida, where students are much more involved and almost overzealous about elections, they do have an opportunity to be involved.

This week everyone who didn’t vote now has a chance to show some political savvy by stopping by the Breezeway, sitting at the computer and clicking the mouse a couple times. It will be as easy as one, two, three.

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