Janet Jackson proves she deserves another chance on Discipline

In the four years since 144 million viewers saw Janet Jackson’s boob on the Super Bowl halftime show, the historically bankable pop star has failed to score a number one album. And it’s not like she hasn’t tried. Perhaps the result of a backlash to her televised nudity, both 2004’s Damita Jo and 2006’s 20 Y.O. bombed.

But the singer is looking to change her losing streak with this year’s Discipline, her 10th studio album. Backed by a new record label and written and produced by new collaborators, the collection demonstrates Jackson’s keenness to turn the page on her career.

For an artist who has scored multiple number one singles in the last three decades, the first single “Feedback” demonstrates her respectable versatility. With a thumping European beat and Janet’s coy falsetto vocals, it is a song you’ll want to remember to download. Also check out “LUV” and “Rock With U,” two songs that will make you happy you gave Janet a third chance.

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