Faith and science talk did not live up to the hype

Last Thursday, Craig Hazen gave a talk entitled “Is faith reasonable in a scientific world?” He began with a joke about a sauna in Finland, told a funny story about cats and buttered toast and then, with much fanfare, he performed a “miracle.” This was [nothing more than] religious entertainment. No wonder I recognized no other professors in the room.

I found the evening to be interesting and Professor Hazen to be entertaining, but far less scientific than he imagines. I was disappointed that his talk did not live up to the hype of the publicity. He seems to be an entertainer, not a deep thinker. I wanted to know how one can believe in creationism when we all know that evolution is real. I heard other students say the same. I guess we were hoping for more than “I found my faith, now seek and find your own.”

– Rod Gillis

Adjunct Associate Professor
Department of Psychology