This court is not for U

UM students truly sweat and bleed orange and green. That has been especially evident this year as students have consistently come out in force to support the improving basketball team.

At the end of last Wednesday’s astonishing victory over Duke, fans and students decided it was fitting to rush the court in celebration of their team beating the No. 4 team in the country. However, choke slams and shoves replaced joy during what should have been an exciting time for all fans in attendance.

In a statement provided to The Miami Hurricane, the administration said, “No one may violate University of Miami, NCAA, or Atlantic Coast Conference policies, which explicitly prohibit unauthorized individuals in the competition area before, during, and at the conclusion of the game.”

However, just three days before the UM game, Duke suffered another loss to fellow ACC member Wake Forest. After that game, the court was completely full.

If the administration claims that rushing the court was a safety issue, security and police hardly kept the environment safe. They kept pushing, even as students were trying to retreat into the stands. As a result, students were caught in the middle of a gigantic shoving match.

It seems justified that students and fans should have been allowed to rush the court in celebration, but the administration, police and security certainly didn’t think so.

The solution should be to announce the university’s policy against rushing the court, as well what the response would be. Another possibility could be ( ideally) to allow students to celebrate a momentous victory.

Either way, placing hundreds of fans and students in danger at a time of celebration certainly can’t be the best they can come up with.

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