VP candidates tout ‘realistic’ platforms

All three candidates for Student Government vice president outlined a diverse range of initiatives during Tuesday’s debate, but all share one common belief: their platform goals are realistically achievable.

About 60 students, most wearing T-shirts supporting a particular candidate, attended the hour-long debate in the I-Lounge of the UC.

Megan Jones, head of the Elections Commission, read questions submitted by the audience during the debate. The three prospective vice presidents, sitting together at a table on stage, had 90 seconds to answer.

In their opening statements, each candidate emphasized the attainability of their platforms, and then focused on specific issues

Anita Viciana, running on the All About U ticket, emphasized the use of Cane Cards off campus, as well as implementing a rollover meal plan, in which unused meals can roll over to the next week, or be converted to dining dollars.

Kimberly Thompson of the Make it Happen for U ticket expressed her discontent with the shuttle system, and proposed her party’s University Shuttle Improvement Plan. It would add stops at University Village and Fraternity Row to the Coconut Grove shuttle, while fixing the delays in the current shuttles.

Committed to U candidate Claudia Medina proposed several transportation-related resolutions, including bringing a rental car service on campus as well as adding commuter parking lots to the Wellness Center.

After the debate, many students reflected on the platforms and campaign promises that were discussed.

Matthew Fisk, vice chairman of the Elections Commission, thought the debates “flowed well” and that “they all seemed very committed to their platforms,” adding that “they all seem to have done their homework.”

There were only a few undecided voters in the crowd, but they came away from the debate well informed.

“It definitely gave me some further insight on each platform,” said freshman Romy Portuondo.

The Student Government presidential debate is scheduled for tonight in the I-Lounge at 7 p.m. Some students, however, have already made their decision.

“I came here undecided and now I have a clear idea of who I’m going to vote for,” said Dan Ohrenstein, senior and former apartment area senator.

Felipe A. Yanez may be contacted at f.yanez@umiami.edu.


Presidential debate, tonight at 7 p.m. in the UC I-Lounge
Voting will take place Feb. 25, 26 and 27