Kimbo Slice: The fists of our generation

On Feb. 16 the BankUnited Center hosted one of the biggest events of its short history: Kimbo Slice vs. Tank Abbott. Kimbo, who has fought in more backyards than Michael Vick’s dogs, was as dominating as the New England Patriots (pre-Super Bowl XXLVXLLV – that’s 42 in Roman numerals by the way) against Tank Abbott and his almost respectable record of 8-10. There was more on the line in this fight than in most: The loser had to reveal his real name. ‘Tank’ is actually David Lee. This could have been career crushing for Kimbo had he lost. Imagine if his real name is something like Kevin Ferguson. Does anybody want to watch a fight including a guy named Kevin Ferguson? But call him ‘Kimbo Slice’ and you’ve got a YouTube legend.

Few things have contributed as much to the “information age” as YouTube has. It is one of America’s most valuable educational tools. For instance, if not on YouTube, where will the children of America learn how to properly take J