A plan to establish an assault weapon ban in the city of Miami was announced by Commissioner Marc Sarnoff at a press conference on Feb. 14.

Since the federal weapon ban expired in 2004, violent crimes committed with assault weapons have increased substantially in Miami, according to Miami Police Chief John Timoney.

According to The Miami Herald, Sarnoff’s three-point plan to reinstate the weapon ban urges citizens to send their congressional leaders a signed letter calling for the ban. He also wants fellow commissioners to pass a resolution urging state and federal governments to pass a ban on such weapons, and he demands harsher sentences for those found guilty of crimes while using assault weapons. Sarnoff also said he may draft a legislation with the city attorney to make the sale of assault weapons illegal in Miami.

High school coaches engage in foul play to get athletes into top schools

A recent study by revealed that high school athletic coaches are breaking the rules in their efforts to assist student athletes in the college application process.

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Vice president for Human Resources announces retirement after 30 years

Roosevelt Thomas Jr., the University of Miami’s vice president for Human Resources since 1978, will retire at the end of this fiscal year.

Thomas, who described his career at UM as “a labor of love,” dedicated his time at the university to making it one of the area’s top employers, said Joe Natoli, senior vice president for Business and Finance. Thomas’s job includes staffing, employee relations, benefits administration, professional development and training, equality administration, compensation and continuous improvement.

After retiring, Thomas plans to move to Central Florida with his wife Sharon.