A Wandering Renaissance Man

Many students at the University of Miami have enjoyed skating by and not doing much outside of attending classes. But, one student has experimented with street art and music for years, and his years of hard work have finally come to fruition.

Dave Wander has been working multiple jobs since he was 12, but his passion for music has been instilled since childhood. Now, after four years at UM, he plans to use his B.A. in business and his music industry experience to propel him further in the music industry.

You may have heard of D.R.K. (Don’t Really Know), his pseudo-pen-name, but Wander is much more than your conventional urban-inspired musician.

For one, he prefers not to be known as a rapper. Rather, he’s an artist who simply speaks on his upbringing and his experience, and does so without holding back.

He also started his own record label because he did not want to be restrained from realizing his vision. Wander said that it is now extremely rewarding to handle the business side of putting out new music.

In addition, he released an album in 2005 called Cathartic Resume, which featured an eclectic mix of tracks, each with catchy, mesmerizing melodies and deep messages.

“I love being creative. I love entertainment and art but I know that I’m not as talented as some new up-and-coming artists,” Wander said.

Instead of basking in fame’s flashing lights like much of today’s young talent, he feels more than content in helping others who he claims are more talented than he. Wander currently manages a new artist on his own label, LeeitUrbe.

Covering more than the music spectrum, he is also showcasing his street art in a Bacardi-sponsored exhibit at Gallery 138 on April 18. Featuring glass, plywood, canvas and even shoes, this exhibition is expected to be, raw and uncensored burst of tangible social commentary.

With a cocktail of nerves and charisma, Wander speaks of how much this new art show means to him.

“I’m excited because it is new,” he said. “It’s like putting out a book. I am thrilled about doing things with new expectations, but I try to be prepared for problems as well.”

The mixed-media show will also feature collaborations with artists Hellvone, Johnny Robbles, Aholesmithsglue, Gems and LeeitUrbe.

Dave Wander is certainly a refreshing talent, as he is educated and experienced, and these assets will likely make sure he will be remembered as yet another successful UM alum who positively utilized his time here.

For a taste of Dave’s art, check out Wander’s exhibit on April 18 at Gallery 138.

Tiffany Agam may be contacted at t.agam@umiami.edu.

If you’re in the mood for a taste of DRK’s music, listen to “Take it Slow” for a jazzy, easy-listening tune to calm you down while you study. Or, turn up “It’s Impossible,” featuring Big Cas for some energy on a day that seems like it’s never quite going to end.