EDGE’s first creative writing competition winner

1000 Inches

By Sam Rotenberg

It’s 28 degrees and you wore my socks tonight.
I was just in my room and you took me back out into the world.
My room was dark.
You still knew my name.
I heard it.
Is that Love?
The fact that it was so cold that you needed to wear a pair of socks that I gave you.
And you told me because you wanted me to know.
You wanted me to feel happiness.
It was 28 degrees and you wore my socks.
I’ll warm you up if you need it.
And you did.
And you told me you did.
I’ll wear your attention like you wore my socks.
Warm me with love and you can have any sock of mine.
I don’t care much for my feet.
I go more places with my heart anyway