Events Beat

Twisted Tuesdays at the Rathskeller host capoeira club

Dressed in all white with colored rope belts tied around their waists, a group of 12 capoeira performers of different backgrounds sang, danced, kicked, clapped and performed cartwheels and back flips Tuesday night at the Rat as part of Twisted Tuesdays entertainment. Approximately 30 onlookers observed the Afro-Brazilian capoeiristas’ acrobatic motions and intricate footwork. Though some performers were UM students, the group is not affiliated with the university. Rather it was a performance team which visits several schools in the area and trains out of the Academy of Martial Arts in Coconut Grove.

Prolific author lectures on urban, environmental challenges

Saskia Sassen, a centennial visiting professor at the London School of Economics and sociology professor at Columbia University, spoke on the topic of “Reassembling the City” Thursday night at the Glasgow Lecture Hall of the Jorge M. Perez Architecture Center. More than 100 students, professors, and community members came to listen to the well-traveled Sassen, who has written numerous books regarding globalization and global cities. Sassen concluded the lecture with a discussion of sea level rise due to global warming and its impact on global cities. She asserted, “If we are going to respond to the environmental challenge, we must all do it, rich and poor.” The event was sponsored by UM’s new Urban Studies program and the School of Architecture.

Corporate preparation seminar advises on resumes at Toppel

Students take notes while learning how to properly write resumes at Toppel Career Center’s “Are You Corporate Ready?” seminar on Wednesday evening.

“Prevention is Power” forum discusses HIV/AIDS awareness

The Broward County Health Department hosted a community forum for National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day on Feb. 7 with the theme of “prevention is power.” At the forum, attendees discussed prevention initiatives, current research toward solutions and awareness of the prevalence of the virus. According to the Florida Department of Health, one in 44 blacks in Miami-Dade County are living with HIV or AIDS.