Vince Vaughn’s ‘wild’ variety show brings comedy, friendships to the big screen

The Wild West Comedy Show is on its way south, and for one night only.

Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Comedy Show: 30 Days and 30 Nights – Hollywood to the Heartland portrays the journey taken by Vince Vaughn, the marquee movie star, and four stand-up comedians across the country as they perform in a live variety show.

Tonight at 9 p.m., the new film will be screened at the Cosford Cinema.

EDGE was able to spend a minute with Bret Ernst, one of the film’s stars. Ernst, Vaughn and stand-up comedians John Caparulo, Ahmed Ahmed and Sebastian Maniscalco, make up the core of the cast.

Ernst’s career has started to gain momentum since 2003, appearing most notably in the hit Showtime series Weeds, as well as Artie Lange’s 2006 movie Beer League.

Ernst spoke about the film, the cast, which also includes Jon Favreau and Justin Long of Accepted, and the experience in a fun and down-to-earth manner, suggesting a lot about the theme of the movie.

According to a press release on the film, one of the goals of the film was for “Vaughn and his team to bring their unique styles and perspectives to regional audiences throughout western, southern and midwestern states.”

“Nothing like this has ever been done before,” said Ernst about the film, describing it as “stand up with a lot of heart to it.”

Wild West shows the four comedians and their own acts, but Ernst stressed that the heart of the movie centers on the friendships between the cast members.

The comedian, who happens to be a huge Hurricane football fan, said that everyone in the cast is best of friends, and described the tour simply as “Spring Break for 30-year-olds.”

When asked about the film’s audience, Ernst said that the Wild West Comedy Show is targeted at any and all.

“Everybody loves Vince, and everybody loves stand up,” he said.

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