Student attacked while jogging on outskirts of campus

A University of Miami senior was attacked on Feb. 2 around 7:15 p.m. while jogging along the 5300 block of Carillo Street, part of a popular running route for students known as the “loop.”

The offender came from the side and seized her by the shirt where she wore her iPod. The unexpected force caused her to fall. On the way down, the perpetrator grabbed her arm, tearing all of the ligaments in her left shoulder, the victim said.

“The whole thing was really weird,” said the victim, an accounting major set to graduate this summer.

Once she was down, he smashed her face into the ground multiple times while asking for money, but took neither her iPod nor her Blackberry.

The victim didn’t get a good look at the man because she was listening to her iPod and didn’t hear him coming from the side, but noted that she didn’t think he was a fellow student.

“When he asked for money, he sounded older,” she said.

The senior had no money with her and the assailant left. She got up and ran to a main road, called a friend to pick her up and then notified the police of the attack.

“I just wanted to get out of the area,” she said.

The victim, who runs the loop at least once a week, said she will most likely not run it again.

The crime notification e-mail sent out to students on Monday classified the crime as simple battery. The victim, who spoke with The Miami Hurricane on the condition of anonymity, now wears a sling and her face is cut and bruised.

“They called me while they were writing [the alert], but I didn’t give them many details,” she said. “I was still in so much pain.”

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