Student newspaper is too negative, cynical

To the editors:

As a devoted Hurricane reader, I am disappointed by the continuing trend in poor reporting and writing that you and your staff have exhibited this school year. You promote an inaccurate, negative image of our Student Government that reflects poorly on you and the student community. You tactlessly condone sarcastic cynicism, breeding a sense of defeatism and isolation in our students. The vast majority of your articles contains [sic] little or no insightful views. Disregarding content, the simple grammatical mistakes your writers often make indicate to any student that the article was written during one sitting without spell check. The editorials are little more than insipid personal opinions consisting of ineffective arguments devoid of substantial supporting evidence. In the article “Cast chats with The Hurricane about their monster hit” [from the last issue], you didn’t even bother to edit a quote which needlessly dropped the f-bomb. Do you understand that controversial words do not equal controversial content? As a reader, I don’t expect you to always write of peaches, sunshine and fluffy clouds, but I am tired of an antagonistic newspaper that always reports f-ing peaches, f-ing sunshine and f-ing fluffy clouds. I say this because, as students of this great university, I know you can learn from your mistakes and do a better job.

– Katherine Herleman