You’re pregnant?! i’m over it


    I am on birth control pills and I use a condom every time I have sex with someone. I am late by five days for my period and am completely flipping out. I called my good friend, who I know would be the father, and told him that I was scared. He acted as if I were being irrational and that I need to not bother him with my “issues.” His reasoning was that I am on the pill and we used a condom, therefore there’s nothing more I could have done, so why worry? Am I overreacting or am I justified in freaking out?


    Dear Mother-to-Be?,

    OK, whoa. You think you may be pregnant with this guy’s child and he says it’s your problem? You’re sexually active, you’re five days late and he has you convinced that you’re overreacting? Who is this guy and why do you believe these lies?!

    Last time I checked, no guy has any right to tell you what to think about your body, no less be so irresponsible so as to suggest that it’s not a possibility that you’re pregnant. Even if he honestly thinks you are overreacting and that you are simply late for your period, he should have the decency to be there for you because it’s his fault as much as it is your own.

    At this point, it’s too late to take Plan B, but late enough to take an accurate pregnancy test. A pregnancy scare is probably one of the scariest things a college student can go through and hopefully you have the support of family and/or friends. Tell this guy that he cannot keep denying reality and that he should give support where support is due.

    So no, you are absolutely not overreacting and yes, this is a big deal. Whether you are pregnant or not, this kind of scare shouldn’t be taken lightly. Because if you do, then that just gives you reason to be careless in the future without worry of the consequences.

    I suggest you hope for the best and take a pregnancy test. If it’s positive, then you have a whole new set of concerns. If it’s negative (and I hope it is!), then you need to learn from this for future sexual encounters. Visit the health center and get tested for STDs (a good idea regardless of your pregnancy scare) and make sure to continue taking your pills and using condoms. In the best case scenario, you will have escaped this drama with a lesson about yourself and a lesson on the boys in your life who may need your renewed evaluation.

    Best of luck!


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