The mysterious case of the missing crepemaker

Way back in the fall of 2004, when I was a wee little freshman, there was a food stand located between the UC and the Rock. It was a mystical stand that I would always see, but never had the guts to venture toward (kind of like the secret Subway hidden in the law school that I never found until sophomore year). You may remember Crepemaker and how it magically disappeared one semester, leading me to be very disappointed that I never purchased a crepe.

During the spring of 2003, the university had brought Crepemaker back to campus after “considerable student feedback” and requests for Chartwells to allow its return, according to a 2003 Hurricane story. In 1995, a similar stand had been placed on campus, but that, too, had disappeared.

Why the appearing and disappearing and reappearing crepe stands? Are UM students not loyal crepe supporters? It is one of the few foods (that I know of) that can be eaten at every meal- breakfast crepes, salad crepes, dinner crepes and dessert crepes! What is more perfect than that? Seriously.

In the same Hurricane article, the manager of Crepemaker said they got nearly 200 people a day. I say that’s a pretty decent number for a little crepe stand.

As it is my last semester, I feel UM should make an emergency phone call to the crepe people and bring back the stand. Sure it’s not healthy, but strawberries + bananas + Nutella + thin pancake = a beautiful thing. We have Wendy’s, why not Crepemaker? I think with all the health craziness that is going to hit campus next fall (i.e. Whole U Market), we should get our final dose of sugar while we still can. Plus, I mean, some people (like myself) enjoy eating that crap. Some of us are not on diets and like our carbs and our sugar and our crap. Chartwells should just incorporate a full-scale bakery into the food court. If they start whippin’ up some freshly baked baguettes and crepes, I promise I will never complain about the dining hall food ever again.

But, in the meantime, if anyone knows why the university got rid of Crepemaker, please drop me an e-mail. And if you’d like to support a new crepe stand, let me know that, as well. We can make T-shirts.

Ashley Davidson is a senior double majoring in journalism and studio art and can be reached at She hearts Crepemaker.