Be suspicious of amateur ob/gyns

    Dear Hurriqueen,

    My roommate is in medical school and during finals last semester he asked me to help him study. He told me that he had a lab practical where he had to identify anatomical parts on a female cadaver. namely the nether regions. I had a glass of wine to loosen up (no pun intended) and agreed to let him use me as practice. I lay down on the couch naked and we played a more mature and less innocent version of the “doctor” game that kids play.

    Afterwards I felt kind of creeped out and asked my other friend (who was in my roommates’ “anatomy class”) what the lab entailed and he had no idea what I was talking about and said that my roommate must have made it up.

    I feel like I did something wrong, even though it’s clear that he was dishonest with me. Do I confront him and, if so, what the hell am I supposed to say?

    ~Groped on her couch

    Dear Reader,

    I pray your roommate isn’t studying to be a gynecologist. He’s the last person I’d want near my vajayjay – if I had one.

    Jokes aside, this guy sounds like a major perv, like the type of guy who needs a visit from your older brother and some of his football buddies. But allow me to make myself clear: I don’t think any sort of confrontation is the right route to take here. And that includes approaching him for discussion.

    I mean, what’s the best excuse he’d come up with? “I guess I didn’t need to study your anatomy, but I felt it would enhance my educational experience”? We both know any excuse is going to be bullshit and only serve the purpose of making you feel even more uncomfortable.

    The solution? Get out of your living arrangement as soon as possible. I’m not saying you should drop this paper on the ground and dart home to pack your bags. Rather, find someone you trust and can talk to about this, be it a psychologist, counselor, or parent. Have them help you evaluate the situation and your safety. From there, determine your other living options. If you can’t get out of your current living situation immediately, try to find someone to stay with or someone who can stay with you so you feel safe.

    But whatever you do, please get out. Better be safe than groped again. or worse.

    Keep me updated.


    The Hurriqueen.

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