’08 election coverage set on overkill

With all of the news coverage, debates, forums, flyers, bumper stickers, speculation, tears, haircuts, Christmas campaign ads and celebrity endorsements, it’s hard to believe that only residents of six states have voted in either a primary or a caucus. It’s also hard to not get burnt out with the 2008 presidential race.

Last year at this time, more than 20 candidates had either announced, or announced that they planned to announce, their presidency. This is a year ago! And where are we now? Still five months away from June 14 – the end of primary season.

But the end of primary season does not really bring an end to endless discussion of the race by pundits and other talking heads. We still have the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, a string of debates at various college campuses, and five more months until the national election in November.

Though it seems like people have been voting forever, tomorrow marks the first time a state that offers a big amount of delegates will be hosting its primary. And it won’t even count for democrats.

Do the 24-hour news networks, news magazines, newspapers and talk shows know that they are driving us crazy? Are they increasing awareness of the presidential candidates or are they turning people away?

To give the news organizations credit, last Tuesday we heard more about Heath Ledger than Hillary Clinton, and a lot more about Jamie Lynn Spears’ future babies than Rudy Giuliani’s mistresses. What a breath of fresh air.

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