Student Government not getting due credit from newspaper

I’m confused with regards to your last issue. For one, I didn’t feel the Chipotle article deserved front cover attention when I can think of four other stories more relevant to the student body at the current moment. Thankfully, you covered the iTunes U story, despite its portrayal as a negative accomplishment. You also failed to mention the words “Student Government” in that story, of which I spent 30 minutes of my time with your reporter giving an interview. We do not want publicity and glory, but rather for Hurricane readers to grasp the advancements that our university is making. I take full responsibility for things I do or SG does – be it good or bad. We take all the hits during negative issues and receive little to no credit for the good ones. I believe SG deserves some credit for the progress made on iTunes U.

Quoting from The Hurricane’s editorial endorsement during last year’s SG elections, “A more ambitious project such as the Podcasting-which happens to be the cornerstone of Carvajal’s platform-will, almost assuredly, not be implemented as extensively as he would hope in the one year Carvajal’s team has to make it happen, if it ever gets implemented.” Now that we achieved the first steps in implementing podcasting – new podcast equipped classrooms, a signed iTunes U contract and support from the University’s administration, it’s now time to begin a University-wide campaign to encourage faculty, student organizations and others to podcast on iTunes U. Does it take time? Yes. Is it ambitious? Yes. Can it be done with a little drive and persistence? You better believe it.

It’s that you continuously fail to mention many of the great things Student Government is doing for our student body. Although the newspaper is not responsible for promoting SG’s agenda, many of the projects we accomplish have a direct effect on the student body. We will continue to work hard during our last semester in office, improving the quality of lives for our student body, as you continue to report negative stories and/or negatively report positive stories. You keep doing your thing, and we’ll keep doing ours.

Respectfully submitted,

Danny Carvajal
UM Student Government