Case closed for three students arrested last semester

Three University of Miami students were released on probation Dec. 5 after being accused in October of felony, battery and burglary charges.

According to court records, Arya Karamooz, a sophomore from Los Angeles, was released on five years probation with his case listed as closed. He was charged with two felonies, battery and burglary with assault.

The other two students, Cash Bernard, a junior and business major from Roslyn, N.Y., and Michael Duchon, a junior and entrepreneurship major from Warren, N.J., had all three misdemeanor charges of assault, battery and trespassing withheld. They received three years probation.

When asked if the charges against the three students would result in disciplinary action by the University of Miami, Dean of Students Ricardo Hall told The Miami Hurricane that he cannot divulge such information about student’s private data.

However, Hall noted that the university’s process for investigating the accused individuals will follow the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.

The handbook classifies battery as a major offense that may result in suspension or expulsion.

The three students, who were arrested after entering sophomore Michael Rappaport’s condo and demanding drugs, were all released to their parents.

A representative from the Miami City Clerks Office said that because none of the students are Florida residents, they are also allowed to continue their required community service out-of-state.

This decision was decided by the judge and may vary from case to case.

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