Three charged in Taylor killing

POSTED DEC. 1 AT 1:20 A.M.

Three men were charged with burglary and murder Satuday, and one more is expected to face charges tomorrow in connection with the murder of Sean Taylor, The Miami Herald reported.

The Herald also reported the followed:

Venjah Hunte, 20, Eric Rivera, 17, and Charles Wardlow, 18, were all charged with felony murder, home invasion and armed burglary.

Rivera appeared in a Ft. Myers courtroom to hear the charges; Hunte and Wardlow appeared via video phone from jail.

The four could be moved to Miami — where they would be tried — as soon as Sunday, said John Evans, Wardlow’s lawyer.

More than one confession came out during questioning on Friday, Miami-Dade police director Robert Parker was quoted as saying. However, it is not yet known who pulled the trigger Monday morning.

That appears to be irrelevant, though, because Florida law says that any participant in a felony that leads to a death can be charged with murder.

None of the suspects have extensive criminal backgrounds, with most of their arrests coming from drug violations. It appears some of the men may have actually known Taylor. It was reported that Jason Mitchell had done household chores, such as lawnmowing, for Taylor in the past.

Parker said the men were attempting to rob Taylor’s house and did not expect for him to be home, downplaying theories that the attack on Taylor was premeditated and intended as payback.

Taylor, a Washington Redskins and former Miami Hurricanes safety, died Monday at Jackson Memorial Hospital as a result of massive blood loss from the gunshot wound, which severed his femoral artery.

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