School announces ‘University of Miami Hospital’

POSTED DEC. 7 AT 12:32 P.M.

The University of Miami ended final negotiations Nov. 30 for the purchase of Cedars Medical Center.

The newly renamed University of Miami Hospital will be the first UM-owned hospital since the inception of the 55-year-old Miller School of Medicine.

Most Cedars medical staff will continue to work with UM at the 560-bed, single-room facility, and nurses, technicians and other staff will become UM employees.

Also, the university plans to expand certain specialty areas such as cardiology, urology and orthopedics.

“With this new flagship hospital, our top-ranked physicians will forge a new era in University of Miami-delivered care,” medical school Dean Pascal J. Goldschmidt said in a press release. “This academic medical center will become a true medical destination.”

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