Report Card: Miami vs. Boston College

Quarterbacks: C
Kyle Wright earned an average grade by offsetting a good day running the ball and two touchdown passes by turning the ball over twice. While Wright did not achieve much during his career, he showed miles and miles of heart over the last two games, playing a tough brand of football and fighting the good fight with a high ankle sprain (for anyone questioning the severity of a high ankle sprain, check the NFL injury report this week).

Running Backs: C
Derron Thomas carried the load and ran hard, but did not do anything extraordinary.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: C-
They made some good plays, but were plagued by drops and let Wright down far too often. Dedrick Epps is a future star.

Offensive Line: C
They kept Wright standing most of the game, but he was forced from the pocket more times than he should have been.

Defensive Line: B-
They played hard and got to BC’s Matt Ryan early, but were unable to apply pressure in the fourth quarter when the Eagles pulled away for the win.

Linebackers: B-
They did a good job of limiting Andre Callender in the passing game, and Colin McCarthy showed a lot of hustle. Tavares Gooden’s name was called early and often. They did nothing to change the game, and were more reactive than anything else.

Secondary: C
neven performance. Lovon Ponder was in on two turnovers. Kenny Phillips and Glenn Sharpe both had interceptions; Chavez Grant was picked on all game, and Ryan moved the ball at will in the fourth quarter.

Special Teams: F
Francesco Zampogna missed a chip shot field goal. The return game failed to produce any big plays.

Coaching: B-
Highest grade they can get without winning. The staff had a good game plan that kept the Canes in a game that they shouldn’t have been. Miami was in position to win the game, but the players simply did not execute. It didn’t look like the team quit in the second half as they have of late, and a lot of credit has to go to the staff for this.

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