Quarterbacks: C

The passing game wasn’t an albatross? And Miami still got crushed? Yes, despite Kyle Wright’s three turnovers, he went 21-for-36 with 215 yards. Not too shabby. Not something to highlight either. Wright still needs a win over Boston College in order to avoid the stigma of being the quarterback of the team that snapped the bowl streak.

Running Backs: F

Absolutely awful. Certainly the O-line is to blame as well, but Javarris James and Derron Thomas combined for 12 yards – 12. In order for Miami to have any kind of success, the running game has to show up big time. On Saturday, they didn’t show up at all.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: D

Kyle Wright made more solid passes Saturday than his completion total shows. His receivers dropped more than a few, like usual. Sam Shields had a pretty good game. Welcome to the 2007 season. Everyone else was forgettable.

Offensive Line: F

If the running game stalls out, and the quarterback gets sacked five times, there’s only one place to look. The O-line just didn’t get the job done, as that famed Hokie D-line ate them up all day. They appeared to have it together earlier this season, but the fa