Read (or park) between the lines

As a commuter student, I get to campus two or three hours early to get a parking spot. No, not an ordinary parking spot, but a parking spot that steers clear of those students that can’t park their cars straight to save their lives. A few weeks ago I was exiting the sculpture studio when I noticed a decent-sized dent in the front driver’s side corner of my car. There was a dent and a nice, long car-on-car scrape that led me to believe someone had been incapable of parking, hit my car, tried to back up and damaged it even more. Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

When I get to campus and park in the lot behind the School of Communication, I back in and out until I am perfectly aligned within those two white lines. That way, if I end up with another dent, it wasn’t my fault. Do us all a favor (especially students like me with fathers that think we are incompetent drivers: PARK STRAIGHT. And if you hit someone’s car, do the honest thing and leave a note.

– Ashley Davidson