Orange Bowl retrospective, past and present facts


62,106 were in attendance at the final game at the OB.

The last game on Nov. 10, 2007, was exactly 69 years and 11 months after the first game.

The final game was a shutout also, but this time, not in Miami’s favor, as No. 19 Virginia defeated them 48-0.


The stadium was named Roddy Burdine Municipal Stadium after its completion in 1937. Burdine was a popular figure in Miami, as he was one of the oldest pioneers in the city at the time.
It cost $340,000 to build.

The stadium was dedicated on December 10, 1937 when the Miami Hurricanes faced off against Georgia in the first game played at the OB.

22,000 people were in attendance for the first game. They watched from the two lower deck sidelines.

Miami routed Georgia Southern 40-0 on Oct. 1, 1937.

Roddy Burdine Municipal Stadium had an initial seating capacity of 23,330.

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