From learning to memory

Before the Orange Bowl, football to me was Ronaldinho and Joga Bonito. But “futbol” and “football” are two completely different things. Coming here from Venezuela, I had to adapt.

I came here with no knowledge and no interest in the great American tradition, until I was introduced to the Canes and their home field.

I had to learn some of the basic rules and plays before I went to my first game, so I did my homework and tagged along with the guys of Walsh 5 without major expectations.

To my surprise, something about the setting, the energy and the rhythm of the game won me over. I felt that the crowd and I stood as one and that the Hurricanes were MY team.

From that moment on, being at “the U” made even more sense to me. I became a Miami Hurricane thanks to football at the Orange Bowl.

Now that it’s time to say goodbye, I feel like a child who is giving up her first bike. I learned everything I know standing amongst the Miami faithful, so it’s hard to give it up – but the memory will live on every time I hear the word “football.”

Football to me is the Miami Hurricanes. Football to me is the Orange Bowl.

– Irene Daboin
International Student