Football Report Card: University of Virginia

POSTED NOV. 11 AT 5:17 P.M.

Quarterbacks: F
Kyle Wright was 9-for-21 with three interceptions. He could not get the team into the redzone.not even once.not even for a field goal.

Running Backs: F
The rushing game netted a sad 95 yards. I’ll blame the lack of success in part to the fact that Graig Cooper was being used up the middle and Javarris James was sent outside when they should’ve been reversed to play to their respective strengths.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: F
The longest pass was recorded by Chris Zellner for a whopping 27 yards. Yet another disappointing factor in the scoreless offense.

Offensive Line: F
The O-Line was ineffective when protecting Wright, who was sacked three times. This unit is not entirely responsible for the offensive woes that continue to plague the Canes, but I cannot give anything more than an F to a complete shut-out.

Defensive Line: F
The excuse that this unit was on the field almost the entire game won’t fly since the Canes had slightly more possession time. The defense gave up more points in the first half (31) than they have given to any opponent at home all season.

Linebackers: F
The coverage was disastrous. Period.

Secondary: F
This unit let major plays past them, contributing to Virginia’s 418 total offensive yards, six touchdowns and two field goals.

Special Teams: F
Why was Ryan Hill fielding a return at the 3-yard line? That was absurd. Matt Bosher did a decent job punting but the unit still deserves an F overall for not being able to make anything happen.

Coaching: F
It’s clear that Offensive Coordinator Patrick Nix is not cut out for the Hurricanes. This game was an indication that his uninventive play calling will not even get the Canes within reach of scoring. Head Coach Randy Shannon can’t be expected to still play defensive coordinator and so it may be time for a change there too.