A look at spirit: The Orange Bowl’s other performers


-Under the direction of Phillip Clements

-The “Band of the Hour” received its name in 1948 due to their halftime show, “Man of the Hour”

-The band performed at the 1992 and 1995 Orange Bowls

Members of the marching band will miss playing for tailgaters, performing during the pre-game show and marching on the field at the Orange Bowl during their halftime performance.

-“I can’t even describe the feeling I get every time we perform,” said Monica Qunitero, a senior and Hurricanette. “It’s such an honor and the crowd gets really excited when the band steps out onto the field.”

-“There’s so much history here,” said Andrew DeVino, a junior and baritone player. “It feels as if you’re playing for anyone who has ever stepped foot on the OB field.”

-“I started crying during the pregame,” said Herminia Dingle, a sophomore flute player who has been at the OB since high school when she worked the concession stands. “The Orange Bowl is radiant. We won’t sit down or stop cheering no matter what, even if we’re 52-0.”


“I’m sad to leave the orange bowl and the history behind, but going to Dolphin Stadium is going to be a great and exciting new part of our future,” said junior Lacee Landers, a Hurricane cheerleader.